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Cat Life


An exciting puzzle game for pet lovers! Solve the jewel-block puzzle to get cute cats!Raise the cats, feed them & pass your leisure time happily!*** How to play ***☆ Block ClearanceArrange three or more same color blocks together to collect them.If more blocks are put together at once, a special block will appear!
☆ Stage clearanceThe condition to clear a stage varies! Look for the time limitation and the number of times you move ! The game stages becomes increasingly difficult.
☆ Get a cute Cat by clearing a stage !Get a new cat and add to your house after you clear a stage.
☆ Pass time with your catsYou can raise your cats, you can feed them, touch them. Also you can move your cat to different places. Just pass your time as you wish with lots of cats!
☆ Events scheduled to be held !The one after another going to add a new species of cat in the event !Let's GET the cat which is available only here !
☆ Share with your friends! Facebook support !It can be seen how far friend has advanced through Facebook.Let get a nice gift by inviting friends to "CAT LIFE" !
☆ World ranking implementation !Compete for the number of stars you get on the stage for StarRanking.Let us compete with people from all over the world!